Endless, unwavering love, 

Giver of life, 

Feeding from the spring of existence. 

Dreams made capable, 

Power beholding, 

Your grace and love a pillow on the dreary bed of days. 

Worthless words, 


Your deeds,  too great for words to know. 

My endless love, 

And gratitude, 

To you, sweet nurturer. 


To Share in Love 

To give yourself to someone else, 

Is a worthwhile pursuit for our own self. 

A sense of value we shall feel, 

In loving unconditionally. 

But selfish intents are not the limit, 

For what this can create in bit. 

Our actions affect those for whom we project, 

A love, or care, we hope will protect, 

These special beings from hard roads trekked. 

But love, oh love is less and more, 

Of what these thoughts do share. 

To give oneself to someone else,

Is all for one and one for all. 

To love and explore life’s treacherous paths,

In the company of our dearest,

Is a human experience, raw and true, 

A gift for us, just me and you. 



Forever is a long time. We often find it hard enough to commit to a gym or a new phone contract, yet without even some opportunity to partake in the decision, we are born into existence. This eternal, ambiguous existence. 

So we forgive the universe for forcing this existence upon us, often times praising it, and we get on learning, growing, interacting, sharing, loving, and being. We just learn how to live, and ignore the impending threat of eternity. 

With this we accept that we have meaning to find in this small fragment of eternity which we call life. We often then flounder and procrastinate, consuming a cocktail of low self-worth and high insecurity with a dash of self doubt. Until one of two things happen; we either decide what we are going to take from this world after a nearly cathartic experience, or, this existence places a jigsaw piece in front of you which makes the puzzle all make sense. 

For me, I saw her and finally understood all that I was and I all that I could be. I had a reason, a direction, all guided by a hundred little butterflies. I soon recognised that my direction is a life in dedication to love and knowledge. 

But only if it meant spending eternity by her side.