Ideal Timing

The past few weeks have been a testing period for my mind. I’ve often felt in that time that my mind has been pulled in too many directions.

Needless to say it’s been exhausting, and I found myself in a bit of a mental slump. Which is why I find the timing of the universe and all its contents to be far too convenient to be coincidental, at least for the most part.

Right when I needed it, I was surprised by the beauty and humanity in people from the most obscure reaches of my life.

Colleagues who had gone above and beyond to get on board with trying to make the workplace a better place to be. Efforts which celebrated connection, these people committed hours of their own time to create various creative work of beauty. All in response to a simple call for creativity, these individuals shared an important part of themselves with us, and it was beautifully surprising.

So I sit here on this Sunday afternoon, buoyed with refreshed energy thanks to the efforts of these individuals, ready to do my own part with renewed vigour.

Life’s funny like that, and timing is always key.



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