The Taller the Tree, the Harder the Fall 

We do our best, and sometimes our best isn’t enough. Other times we succeed, and the rest of the time we’re under appreciated. 

It’s a shit feeling to give your absolute all to something and fail. Perhaps even exhausting. To taste the air upon the dire cliffs of despair. So much so, that it makes you ask, why do I even bother. 

Whether it’s a task, a talent, a relationship or a game, failure tastes sour. 

Considering though, that we are merely flesh, bone, and bacteria, it’s quite extraordinary that we do not fail at everything we do. Cognitive function (whatever that is) and behavioural conditioning actually allows us to learn from our failures and grow. So why then, with such ability do we continue to fail in areas that we should have learned from? 

I think that the hardest part of failure isn’t the disappointment from ourselves and our friends, nor even the repercussions of our inability,  but rather most ironically it is knowing that you need to return to the metaphorical horse, but simply cannot bring yourself to do it. 

The difficulty lies within convincing that voice in your own head that it’s okay to fail, everything will be fine, you’ll grow from this, blah blah. 

It is acknowledging that what is done is done, and that it is not a failure, bit rather an opportunity which did not previously exist. 

Easier said then done. Stay resilient, believe that you can do better, always keep learning, and acknowledge your shortcomings for what they were, and not what they are. 

I never was good at practising what o preach. 



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