To Shave or Not to Shave

Laziness, style, superstition, religion or simply the fact that we can, whatever the reason, all men, at some point in life, are guilty of growing their beards out. Despite the itch, and comments from our disapproving mothers (there’s another reason for some), we sport our beards to work, uni, and inappropriately to, formal occasions. We wear them as our badge of manhood, instead of literally showing off our “manhood”, because that will land you in jail, with your name freshly pressed on the sex offenders list.

In the same boat as many young men have, and will continue to experience, is that in terms of facial hair growth, the term late bloomer sums me up perfectly. It was lonely at times being one of three students not being sent to the bathrooms at school to shave off their developing bum fluff.

Years on from school, I comfortably wear my “beard” for no reason other than the fact that I can.

But there’s more to this point, than the fact that “we are men, we grow beards!” This is the time of year when we wear our facial hair for a greater cause. Another year has passed, and Mo-vember is now only just around the corner. An opportunity to say more than words can, and by getting by your fellow man, particularly those unfortunately dealing with the stress, and illness associated with prostate cancer and male depression.  It may not seem to be much, but the Mo-vember cause continues to grow wider awareness, achieving international adoption and contribution from 2007 onwards.

Be a man in 2012, and whether you raise money, or you simply raise awareness, get on board and do your part to “change the face of men’s health”.



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